4 Benefits of Having a Branding Session


I met MK from Your Day By MK a few months ago for coffee to chat business regarding the wedding industry and we clicked right away! She recently reached out to me to take some branding photos for her.

I looooveee taking content creation photos, whether your a blogger needing photos for you're fashion blog, or a small business owner needing some fresh, new lifestyle photos to showcase your face more. 

I've created a list of the top 4 benefits of having a branding session with a photographer.

  1. They show the real you
    “Show your face on Instagram!” they say! If you have a brand, you’ve probably heard this before like a broken record, but it is so true. You’ve probably even seen the #fridayintroduction post pop up on your Instagram feed every now and then, but the awesome thing about these posts is you can do them every couple weeks with a few new facts and tidbits about you, and they never get old because you are constantly growing your following. Your clients and your followers want to be seeing your face on their feed because it shows them that there’s a real person behind your account and it helps build a stronger connection between them and you.
  2. Build confidence
    I’ll be honest with you. I’m not a huge fan of being in front of the camera either. I feel awkward and I’m constantly thinking about what I look like through the lens. BUT I will be the first to tell you that when your photographer shows you the back of the camera with your photo on it after getting some good giggles out of you and says “Look how gorgeous you are!”, you’re going to feel amazing and think to yourself “danggg who is that boss lady?” :)
  3. Material for your website
    If you have a website, you absolutely need to be putting a photo of yourself on your About page. Just like with social media, it’s so important to be showing those who land on your website what YOU look like so they can feel a personal connection with you.

    BONUS: You can even use branding photos for marketing materials such as brochures, flyers and postcards!
  4. You really get to know your brand  
    This one is my all time favorite. When you have a branding session, you really get to emphasize the values your brand has and the bits and pieces that make your brand, your brand. If your brand is built on yoga pants and mac and cheese like Jenna Kutcher, you sure as heck better bring some yoga pants and mac and cheese to your branding session. Or if you’re like MK here, who drinks La Croix and isn’t afraid to dance, you better have spontaneous dance parties and drink a La Croix. :)

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